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LAPPG-logo1It is my sincere honor to be the shooter & editor for the LAPPG You Tube Channel.  I hope everyone will view, subscribe and support this endeavor.  If you work in or around post-production for film and television, this is an indispensable source for following the trends and innovations of a fast-moving industry.

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If you’re on the Internet, your expertise and competency is on trial with every bit of content you post.  Cyberspace communication will continue to advance by leaps and bounds but nothing will ever supplant the advantages of good writing and imagery.  Whether you’re networking, promoting or sharing – give your message the clarity it deserves.

My 30 years of experience as a multimedia professional makes me keenly adept at reaching whatever audience you’re targeting, be it a website, blog or email blast.  I’ll help you find the right balance of flair and professionalism.  I offer fast and accurate work at competitive prices.  My specialty is Entertainment but I have knowledge in many areas including politics, science and technology.

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